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Kasongan is a small village in the Bantul districs, around 10 km from Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. It takes approximately 15 - 20 minutes by car from Adi Sucipto Airport, Yogyakarta. Kasongan's handicrafts are eagerly sought the world over. Kasongan ceramics are sold at prices that make you wince since their price are very cheap. Small ceramics items, all kinds of unique and interesting shapes representing horses, elephants, even Javanes women statue are sold for around  US $ 7.

A part from being a great place to shop, Kasongan, is an interesting place to visit in its own right, providing deep insights into the way crafts are produced in rural Java. Behind every shop, you will find a traditional ceramics workshop, where the crafts people will greet you with traditional Javanese hospitality. Here you can watch how the ceramics are made. Kasongan ceramics have particular and specific appearance especially as regards their color. Most of them are remain in their natural red color. This color gives the pots a traditional, minimalist and highly artistic aura.

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Earthenware Vessels
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    comment envoyé à mon pays?
  • Bertrand
    J'ai pu rencontrer à Yogyakarta? peuvent s'exprimer en français ou en anglais?
  • Medya
    Di mana saya bisa mendapatkan daftar seluruh pengrajin yang melakukan ekspor di kasongan?
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    it's good site but i would like to see more stuff. i love yogyakarta i've been there before and went to kasongan village.
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    boleh nih.. buat ajang iklan gratis... siip.. sipp
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    mohon info daftar pengarjin dan kontaknya yah...terimakasih
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    Websitenya bagus, menarik dan dinamis
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    Pelayanannya cepat, ramah pokoknya puass deh belanja disini
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